3 min facial treatment at home

3 min facial treatment at home

3 min facial treatment at home

An easy morning routine where you will be ready in 3 minutes and get your natural glow for the day. Do you have a morning routine already? Or do you need some inspiration?

Start your day relaxed with this 3 min facial:
Step 1. 1 minute clean 
Apply 2 pomps of the Facial Cleansing Gel (with Aloe Vera extract). For an intense cleansed and softer skin.

Step 2.  1 minute glow
Apply a few drops of the 24K Gold Anti-aging Beauty Serum. Massage it in circular movements to provide an instant glow. 

Step 3. 1 minute hydrate
After your serum is completely absorbed, apply the Blemish Cream. To start your day hydrated.

See how easy it is to give your morning a fresh start? In 3 minutes, you will have used your cleanser, serum and day cream. And you're ready to go. Want to try it? Then choose for a set. We have selected the products and made a Daily Routine set for you. Buy the set and save. 

Do you already have a skincare routine with SiNOZ products? Share your experience, we would love to see your content. Use #sinozbeauty on Instagram and TikTok. Maybe we will repost your content soon.

Enjoy your day beauties.