3 solutions for anti-aging

3 solutions for anti-aging

3 solutions for anti-aging

We’ve selected 3 products that strengthens each other for an effective anti-aging effect. The combination of products slow down the skin-aging process and gives the skin more elasticity. Give it a try and see the results.

This Anti-Aging set is for beauties who want to vitamin boost their skin. All products contain vitamins that stimulate the natural collagen. For quick results of less wrinkles and fine lines.

This Anti-Aging set contains:
- 24K Gold Beauty Serum
- 24K Gold Eye Contour Crème
- Anti-Aging Care Cream

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Give your skin an intense moisturizing effect with the Beauty Serum. This serum contains hyaluronic acid to stimulate the elasticity of the skin. Then use the Eye Contour Serum with Vitamin C for a beautiful glow. Last but not least, don’t forget the Anti-Aging Care Cream to minimize visible wrinkles and fine lines.