How to use a Skincare Mini Fridge

How to use a Skincare Mini Fridge

How amazing is a cute Skincare Mini Fridge for your interior and also to refresh your skin during summer! Earlier we had a huge GIVEAWAY to WIN 3x 1 SiNOZ Skincare Mini Fridge and let us tell you why you would LOVE to use this item for your beauty essentials. 

Top 3 best facts of having a Skincare Mini Fridge:

  1. This is the best way to maintain the quality of your skincare products during warmer summer days. Our advice? Cool your essentials between 4 - 7 degrees. 
  2. Keeping your skincare products in a fridge helps calming your skin upon application.
  3. Cold skincare can be beneficial in reducing puffiness and redness around the eyes. 

There are some oily and thick texture in products that you can't use in the Skincare Mini Fridge. Here's a top 4 products you can't use in the Mini Fridge: 
- Face Clay Mask 
- NO:16 Miracle Oil
- Gold Aura Body Scrub 
- Breakout Free

Well beauties, because of the success of this GIVEAWAY we did our best to make your dreams come true. Our Limited Edition Skincare Mini Fridge is available now. Only 100 exclusive in stock. Tap here to shop. This is your chance to have the best summer skin by cooling your essentials.

Enjoy your summer skin beauties 💛💛💛💛