5 products to keep in your Skincare Fridge

5 products to keep in your Skincare Fridge

Investing in a skincare mini fridge can improve the longevity and efficacy of your skincare product.

Here is a top 5 products to store in your skincare mini fridge:

  1. Sebum Face Cleansing Gel for a non irritating sensitive cleansing.
  2. Pink Touch Sun Cream SPF50+, a pink cream for a high sun protection.
  3. Night Care Cream for a renewal of your skin during the night.
  4. Pore Minimizing Serum to reduce pore size and support the healing of the skin.
  5. Vitamin C Serum that calms the skin and minimizes darker spots.


Keeping these products in a cool environment can help enhance their performance, especially during summer days. Have you spotted a cute spot in your bathroom or sleeping room already for this skincare musthave? Find out more online now.


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Enjoy your natural summer skin! Love,