How To Double Hydrate in Summer

How To Double Hydrate in Summer

Double hydration is key for keeping your skin healthy and youthful. Begin by choosing a high-quality Day Care Cream and Night Care Cream to apply during your morning and evening skincare routine. Using these two products will ensure that your skin is being moisturized and protected throughout the day and night.

 The Day And Night Care Cream have two different purposes that strengthens each other. The Day Cream protects the skin for external factors. The Night Cream ensures the renewing skin during the night. 

Good to know
With the Day Care Cream you protect your skin daily with SPF15+ with a lightweight cream. With the Night Care Cream you make sure your skin feels super soft the next morning.

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How to use?

1. Cleanse your skin with water.

2. Apply a sufficient amount of the Day Care Cream on your face and let it absorb.

3. Apply a sufficient amount of the Night Care Cream before going to sleep and let it absorb during the night.

Double hydration helps to ensure that your skin is properly nourished and moisturized at all times, helping to prevent dryness and other potential skin problems. 

Consistency is key, so make sure to follow this routine regularly for optimal results. Enjoy your summer beauties.