How to feel awake on Monday mornings

How to feel awake on Monday mornings

For a brighter, more vibrant look, try out this Gold Care set! This skincare duo includes both a beauty serum and eye serum, working together to soften the delicate skin of your face and around the eyes. Not only will your eye contours be more hydrated, but you'll feel more awake and refreshed in the mornings.

Keep your eye contours hydrated for an open and fresh look. This set minimizes wrinkles and fine lines and stimulates the natural collagen. The combination of these two products boost the hydration and makes your skin feel softer than ever.

When you apply these serums daily, wait for the results and see the glow yourself.

This set contains: 
24K Gold Beauty Serum - 30 ml 
24K Gold Eye Contour Serum - 10 ml 

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