8 Skincare Tips That Will Transform Your Skin

8 Skincare Tips That Will Transform Your Skin
  1. Make sure you layer your skincare the right way

    Always take care of your skin before you go to bed and when you wake up. Make sure to double cleanse. Start with a Cleansing Gel and then deeply cleanse with a Glow Tonic.  Tap here for Exfoliators.

  2. Don’t apply too much product

    Less is more is the best rule. Using too much of your skincare product can clock the pores so use a little bit of your serum or moisturizer and you’ll see the results yourself.

  3. Always double hydrate

    Double hydration is the best tip in summer you can get. Your skin needs a little more hydration when the sun is out so tip from us: use a day care cream by day and night care cream during the night.  Tap here for Double Hydration.

  4. Never forget your sunscreen

    We keep sharing this because you need to be aware of the damage your skin can get in the sun. Make sure to use a sunscreen everyday and reapply every 2 hours.

  5. Make masks part of your weekly routine

    Win-win beauties, because it’s your time to relax and at the same time your skin will feel softer and will be more glowing after all. Tap here for a Clay Mask.

  6. Should up your skincare every other season

    Every season the weather changes so bad, you need to change your skincare game a couple of times in a year. Get a light weight moisturizer in summer while using a thicker cream in winter.

  7. Eat and drink with your skin in mind

    Always drink enough water and choose your vegetables to take healthy care of you and your body from the inside and outside.

  8. Vitamin C is the ultimate glow up

    This is a lifehack you never want to live without anymore. Vitamin C is a vitamin boost for your skin and gives it a natural and healthy look.  Tap here for a Vitamin C Serum.

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