Which serum fits your skin?

Which serum fits your skin?

Serums, with concentrated active ingredients, provide targeted solutions for skin concerns like aging and uneven tone. The lightweight texture allows deep absorption, making them suitable for all skin types. Quick and compatible with other products, serums offer an effective and efficient way to enhance overall skin health and radiance. Here's a top 4 serums for a better skin: 

1. 24K Gold Beauty Serum

Anti-aging and intense moisturizing professional care serum with collagen, hyaluronic acid and 24-karat gold. Gives you a radiant skin for a natural botox effect. Shop here

2. Vitamine C Serum 10%

This serum is an anti-aging and vitamin C serum that calms the skin, minimizes darker spots fine lines, wrinkles and treats hyperpigmentation. Shop here

3. Pore Minimizing Serum

A pink bottle with a soft serum that minimizes the pores and supports the healing process of the skin. After cleaning the skin, oil and residue that has accumulated, the pores become tighter. Shop here

4. Anti Dark Spot Serum

This serum helps you to provide a brighter skin while reducing the visible blemishes in the upper layer. The skin absorbs this serum well for quick visible results in 3 months. Shop here

Let us know which one fits for your skin and leave us a review (you'll get -30% on your next order). 


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